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Age: 26


Born: Yorkshire, England


Hometown: Roxburgh, South Island, New Zealand


Occupation: Past Shephard and Butcher


Currently Shearing (5yrs)


Contractor: Dion Morrell

Travel: Italy, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK

24-Hour Shearathon:


For well-being, I have my heart set on achieving this challenge

Advice to a Learner Shearer: Learn properly from the start


Fun Fact: Strong Yorkshire Accent


Interests: Love Hunting


Charity: Farmstrong


The farming community is important to us in the shearing industry, it is a great privilege to have the opportunity to shear and raise money for farmers

Age 25


Born: Gore, South Island, New Zealand


 3rd Generation Shearer


 Partner: Amy Johnstone


 Occupation: Shephard/ Shearing Industry 10yrs/ Shearer 3yrs


 Shearing Mentors: Cody Waihape, Ringakaha Paewai.


 Contractor: Platinum Shearing


 Achievements: Intermediate Shearing Circuit


 Personal Best Tallies: 390 strong-wool Ewes - 450 strong-wool Lambs  

400 second Shear Ewes


 Shearathon Training: Running, swimming.

Still trialling out foods that will best suit my intake on the day and

easing off beer and takeaway foods.


 Advice for Learner Shearers: Take on as much advice as you can and be willing to learn

 Hopes for the shearing industry:

I would like to see more support for young people starting out in the industry


 Fun Facts:

I still run a full team of work dogs even when shearing full-time

My Grandfather Horrace Horrell held a New Zealand record that is listed in the

Pre-1983 World Sheep Shearing Records for 572 Perendale ewes (9hr) 7 Feb 1980


Charity: Otago Rescue Helicopters Trust

Reason for doing the 24-Hour Shearathon: I want to challenge myself, see how far I can push things as it will be good fun to see what my body can do and, I feel grateful to be able to shear and raise money for a much needed cause in our community

Age: 31


Born: Geraldine, NZ


Occupations: White water raft guide, Fencer and Shearer


Partner: Brearna Elers


Children: Wyatt (5) Sadie (4)


Shearing Mentor: All instructors from Tectra (when operating)


Achievements: Won numerous open shows and speed shears


Contractors: Currently self-employed but have worked for numerous contractors in both North and South Island and Australia


Personal Best Tallies: 500 lambs, 480 full wool ewes, 350 merino ewes


24-hour Shearathon Training: Shear performance program with Matt Luxton and shearing


Advice for Learner Shearers: Quality before quantity


Hopes for shearing/wool Industry: For the price of wool to increase in value to be more economical for farmers so they’re not having to go into pine trees


Interests: Fishing, camping, jet boating and cooking


Fun facts: I am colourblind


Charity: Rural Support


I am doing this because Rural Support is a big part of our farming community and I want to be a part of helping raise money for a well needed cause.  In doing this it will be good for my own health and well being

Age: 32


Born: Napier, East Coast, North Island, New Zealand


3rd Generation Shearer / Farmer


Daughters: Ava 12, Kora 10, Ana 8


Shearing Mentor: Bill Chrystal (Father)


Contractor: Chrystal Shearing


Achievements: World Record Holder

Previous, 3 Stand, 8-hour, 1347 Strongwool Ewes (2015)


Personal Best Tallies:

837 Strongwool Lambs - 490 Strongwool Ewes - 610 Second Shear Ewes

Speed Shear Time 17 seconds - Te Puna NZ


Advice for Young Learner Shearers: Keep walking at the door


Hopes for the Shearing & Wool Industry:

To see an increase of wool prices so farms won’t be sold to pine trees


Interests: Love Rugby and Hunting


Reasons for doing Shear 4 A Cause 24-hour Shearathon:

For me this will be an ultimate all round shearing challenge and in support of our community it will be an honour to shear and help those who are suffering with Cancer


Matt Hunt

Matt Hunt.png



Age: 27


Born: Waikaka, Southland, New Zealand


Hometown: Invercargill


Partner: Danae Bradley


2nd Generation Shearer – 4yrs Shearing


Past Occupations: Plumber 4yrs, Apprenticeship Completed. Forestry - Winter 2022


Shearing Mentors: Willie Hewitson, Peter McIntosh, Phillip Hunt, Dwayne Black


Contractors: Cody Waihape, Bill & Anna Hillis, Roger Kidd, Dave Rata, David & Rebecca Buick, Darin & Julie Forde, Max & Katie Winders


International Shearing: Naracoorte of South Australia, and Somerset of England


Personal Best Tallies: 403 Strong-wool Ewes - 350 Strongwool Lambs


24-Hour Shearathon Training: HITT classes at gym, swimming, shearing


Advice for Learner Shearers: Hard work beats talent


Hopes for the Shearing & Wool Industry:

I would like to see more training offered to schools like Tectra did for myself.

Better marketing for wool within the country, all houses should be lined with wool insulation rather than pink batts.


Interests: I do a lot of deer stalking and get a buzz from giving friends and family free range meat, knowing it’s not pumped full of chemicals.


Fun Fact: My alarm clock is the country calendar theme song, “Best way to wake up!”

Charity: KidzWay

I was in training for the 2022 Shear4Blair 24-hour Shearathon but was forced out with injury.  This challenge is a way to prove to myself I have the ticker to shear for 24 hours and help give back to the community around me.

Alex Clapham

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