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The rural sector is uniting again to support our communities in need.

Introducing ‘Shear 4 a Cause’, New Zealand's biggest shear-a-thon.

Sheep shearers, wool handlers, farmers and the rural sector coming together to raise for six of New Zealand's leading charities. You can't get more Kiwi than that!


Attended by hundreds, viewed by thousands, sponsored by some of the country's leading organisations.


Hosted by Matt Chisolm and Live-streamed for 24 hours.

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A place where children and families can access quality care and education in an atmosphere of Christian love and acceptance.


KidzWay is a community-based, not-for-profit, full-day Centre located in Tapanui, West Otago. We are licensed for 30 children from two years old to school age.


KidzWay provides a safe and secure environment for children to learn new skills and experience a range of activities.


Our setting inspires creativity, problem-solving skills, maths, science, music, drama, physical activity and language, with a Christian component included in natural ways.

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Introducing Talk Peach, New Zealand’s leading gynaecological cancer charity.

Founded and run by ovarian cancer survivors.


Talk Peach work to inform New Zealanders on gynaecological disease and connect and support those who are diagnosed.


Their Mission
  • To provide education on gynaecological health

  • To educate the community on the signs and symptoms of the 5 gynaecological cancers in order to reduce late diagnosis

  • To provide information and support to all those diagnosed with gynaecological cancers

  • To support those involved with life-saving research into gynaecological cancer treatment and cures.

  • To advocate for better funding into: education and awareness, research, clinical trials, access to medications, and better pathways to diagnostic testing.



Talk Peach hope to empower people to take charge of their bodies, break down fears around acting upon gynaecological health issues and open up an urgently needed dialogue.


Breaking down the stigmas around gynaecological health isn’t a one-woman operation, Tash Crosby (Talk Peach, founder) explains. “We must all work together to break down the mentality that gynaecological health is a taboo subject. By encouraging all genders to talk about it, we can start to reduce the number of New Zealanders who are diagnosed late and die from one of the five gynaecological cancer, early diagnosis is imperative to survival”.

The discussion around breast cancer has motivated people world-wide to be more open when talking about breast health; Talk Peach knows that with a similar commitment, the same will happen for gynaecological health.


Did you know there were 5 gynaecological cancers?


1 New Zealander dies every day from a one.


It's imperative we are talking. Check out or @talk_peach  for more life-saving info.


It's time to Talk Peach!

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Ronald McDonald House provides free accommodation and support to families with children receiving hospital care. By removing the stressors of everyday life, it gives families the ability to focus on what matters most – their child; and what they need most – each other.


To keep its doors open, Ronald McDonald House relies on the generosity of the community. Every year around 100 Southland families stay in the Ronald McDonald Family Room, Southland Hospital and thousands more utilise the facility as day guests. More than 300 Southland families also find a home-away-from-home at Ronald McDonald House in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.


Southland sheep and beef farmers, Ben and Rebecca Robertson of Lillburn Valley required a home-away-from-home for nearly five months after their daughter Abby was born at just 25 weeks gestation. Abby is now five and thriving and Rebecca says Ronald McDonald House played a special role in their journey. “I will never forget the lovely inviting welcome we got when we walked through the door at Ronald McDonald House. We instantly felt at home. It took away added stress so we could make the most of our time as a family, and those times together were priceless for us.”

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“Farmstrong’s all about making wellbeing a priority and recognising that you and your team are the farm’s number one asset.” Farmstrong Ambassador, Sam Whitelock.


Farmstrong’s a nationwide, rural wellbeing programme that helps farmers cope with the ups and downs of farming by sharing the sorts of things they can do to build resilience. Topics include: managing stress; preventing burnout; advice on sleep, nutrition, keeping ‘farm fit’; and listening skills to help others who might be ‘under the pump’. 


Farmstrong’s mix of farmer stories, workshops, events and online resources has struck a chord with rural communities. Since its launch in 2015, more than 36,000 farmers have participated. Last year, more than 15,000 farmers directly attributed an improvement in their wellbeing to the programme.


“I’m a firm believer in Farmstrong. I love the idea of ‘live well, farm well’ and the notion that if you’ve got your life in balance, then the farm is just naturally going to go well.”  Geoff Spark, farmer, Oxford

“The main thing I’ve learnt is that before you can look after your family, your farm and your animals, you’ve got to look after yourself. Four and half years ago I was a sad, miserable bastard, but now, thanks in part to Farmstrong, I couldn’t be happier.” Marc Gascoigne, farmer, Cambridge


“I think Farmstrong’s ideas are definitely filtering through the industry. Getting through a drought’s not easy, getting through a wet spring’s not easy. People are realising it’s all about looking after your brain and body so you can get through these challenges.” Corrigan Sowman, farmer, Golden Bay.

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SHEAR 4 A CAUSE 24hr Shearathon are raising funds to support the Otago Rescue Helicopter Trust.

The Otago Rescue Helicopter Trust is committed to supporting the world class rescue helicopter service that is delivered across the large and geographically challenging southern area of New Zealand.

We rely on donations from our community to support this critical service that brings vital help to seriously unwell or injured patients, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our southern region with its stunning geography offers a lifestyle uniquely special and, at times, uniquely challenging. Residents of our southern region depend on the professional Otago Regional Rescue Helicopter Service fully equipped and ready to fly 24/7 to any emergency no matter where you are, bringing critical care to the sick and injured and saving lives.

We rely on donations from our community to fund the shortfall between the cost of the service and the funding provided by Government.

The Otago Rescue Helicopter Trust is grateful to Shear 4 A Cause for its support.

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Rural Support Trust helps rural people in tough times

The Rural Support Trust (RST) assists rural individuals and their families to get back on their feet following challenging circumstances such as financial, personal, or climatic adverse events.

The Trust is part of a nation-wide network which is linked into local rural networks, as well as Civil Defence, Work and Income, and rural professionals.

Rural communities face a range of unique challenges, and we are here to help. These include but are not limited to:

Biosecurity | Employment issues | Financial | Animal Welfare | Health & Wellbeing | Adverse & Climatic Events.

The Trust members are local people who have themselves faced the challenges rural life brings. Free and confidential help is available through the Trust's coordinator.

Free and confidential help is available to you or those in your community when there is a need, all you need to do is reach out.

Contact us any time for a confidential chat about you, your business, the weather, your finances, a neighbour, partner, friend, family/whānau , or a farm team member. Contact is one-on-one at a place that suits you.

Time Out Tour - The RST has partnered with Matt Chisholm to help rural communities start the conversation about mental wellbeing.

Matt has signed on as the inaugural Ambassador for the RST. He’s on a nationwide tour for the next three years talking to rural communities on the topic of mental wellness and resilience.

Matt has had personal experience of mental health struggles and the Time Out Tour gives him a chance to share with rural communities how he found a way through.

Phone: 0800 787 254 (0800 RURALHELP)


Facebook: - there are regional FB pages around the country

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