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We are a group of people from rural Southland and Otago that have come together to raise money for charity.

Funds raised will help these charities continue to provide a lifeline and services for our communities.

5 Shearers will shear sheep for 24 hrs over a 32 hr period and will do it all in the name of charity.



Ronald McDonald house is very close to our family hearts as we have had to use this amazing facility.


Jared’s first 24hr Shearathon he organised for the Bradley Family in 2020 ended with a bang, with me phoning him from Alexandra to say my waters had broken early and I was being flown by The Otago Rescue Helicopter to Invercargill hospital.


Our daughter McKenzie was born that day, 5weeks early.

She was admitted to NICU and I was discharged from the hospital the following day not knowing what we were going to do as we lived an hour and a half away from the hospital and not knowing how long she would be there for.


This is where Ronald McDonald stepped in and offered us a room right beside the NICU unit. They were so welcoming and everything was catered for, even down to allowing our 3yr old son Parker, to stay with us and get to know his new sister.


I can’t express how amazing this facility was for our family, taking away all the stress and being able to spend time with our newborn. To be honest without the two charities, Ronald McDonald House and Otago Rescue Helicopter, id say the outcome would have been a lot different and we are so grateful for these.

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